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Ball Python Bite – Does it Hurt? Everything you need to know

Ball Python Bite
Ball Python Bite

Although ball pythons are docile and not so aggressive kind of snakes, still some mishaps may happen. Usually, ball python bites are not very painful but can cause scratches, puncture wounds, bruising, or even deep internal damage.

Mostly, ball python bites are of two types: feeding and defensive. In this article, we will know the reasons for ball python biting, how to avoid being bitten and what to do if bitten.

Are ball pythons poisonous?

No, ball pythons are not poisonous. They are non-venomous snakes that restrain their prey by constriction. Although they do have sharp teeth and may attack if they feel threatened, their bite is not poisonous.

Are Ball pythons dangerous (Can Ball Pythons kill you?)

In general, ball pythons are not considered to be dangerous. They are nonvenomous and have a docile temperament, making them popular pets. However, they must be treated with care and respect, just like any wild animal. It is important to research proper care and handling techniques before getting a ball python as a pet.

Though ball pythons are not dangerous, they might look dangerous to someone who is not habitual with snakes. If you are someone who has never handled a snake before, a 4-5 feet long snake will obviously seem large and dangerous to you. And not to forget that they can be strong, especially for small children or a 14-year-old kid who wants to remove a ball python wrangled against the leg of his chair or his hand.

There might be some Karen out there complaining about how dangerous a ball python can be, but here’s the answer, A ball python can’t inflict much damage to you, maybe some scratches, wound infection, and puncture wounds, and obviously can’t kill you.”

Why would my pet ball python bite me?

Now that we know ball pythons are not dangerous to you or your family, let us understand why might they bite you.

Do ball pythons bite their owners?

Many people ask if a ball python will bite its owner. The answer is yes, a ball python may bite its owner, mostly because it misunderstood your hand as food or maybe to defend itself from something it perceives as a threat.

Despite their reputation for gentleness and lack of aggression, ball pythons have been known to bite their owners for a variety of reasons. Ball python bites usually happen for the following reasons:

  • Fear or stress:

Ball pythons may bite if they feel threatened or stressed. This may occur if they are handled carelessly or are exposed to an overly noisy or bright environment. They may also feel fearful if they are not habitual to being handled regularly, so it is important to handle your ball python regularly except for breeding and shedding season.

Lack of proper enclosure, temperature, and lighting is one of the most common reasons why your ball python might feel stressed.

  • Mistaking a finger for food:

Ball pythons are known to bite when they are being fed because they could confuse a finger for food. This may happen if the owner does not feed the snake carefully or if the snake is not familiar with being fed by hand. Mice’s pinkies match the appearance and shape of a human finger, which is why most likely your snake me mistake your finger for its food.

It is suggested instead of feeding with a hand use a kitchen tong to feed your snake. This will reduce the probability of you getting bitten.

If you had recently fed your ball python with your hand, make sure to wash your hand properly to get rid of the scent of prey before trying to touch your snake.

  • Health issues:

Ball pythons may also bite if they are experiencing health issues such as mouth rot, which can cause pain and make them more likely to bite.

  • Shedding:

Ball pythons also tend to become more defensive while shedding, which could increase their likelihood of biting.

Does a ball python bite hurt?

Does a ball python bite hurt? Ball python bite wound
Ball Python bite wound

Does ball python wound hurt? Ball Python bite wound
Ball Python bite wound

Usually, ball python bites are not very painful but can cause scratches, puncture wounds, bruising, or even deep internal damage.

Does a baby ball python bite hurt?

Baby ball pythons have weaker jaws and teeth as compared to adults, a bite from a baby ball python feels like being stung by a bee or being pricked by a needle.

What do you do if a ball python bites you?

If you or someone you know gets bitten by a ball python, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Ball python bites can cause puncture wounds and can be painful, but they are not poisonous.

Check if any teeth of the ball python get stuck inside your skin, gently remove it with a tweezer or a plucker, and recheck after done. After making sure there are no teeth stuck inside the skin, apply an antiseptic after washing the wound with soap and water. After cleaning the wound properly, apply a bandage over the affected part to avoid infection.

Seek emergency medical assistance if the bite is deep or displays symptoms of infection, such as redness, swelling, or pus.


It is also important to remember that if you have a ball python as a pet, you should handle them with care. Never grab them by the tail. Ball pythons also prefer to be left alone when they are shedding their skin, as they are more likely to bite during this time.

In conclusion, a ball python bite is not a life-threatening situation. The bite is not poisonous, but it can be painful and should be treated with care. Remember to handle your pet ball python with care, and always seek medical attention if you or someone you know gets bitten.

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